Student Life | 3rd Week

It’s been a month since I updated my blog. As much as I want to write about my weekend adventures, I just can’t. I’ve been very busy with work and studies – yes! 

Why go back to school? It’s hard to study and work at the same time. I heard these so many times from friends and colleagues”. I just told them “yes, it might be hard but I wouldn’t really know unless I try.” I just don’t see the point of complaining without even trying.

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There are 3 reasons why I decided to go back to school. First, I want to expand my network and meet new people. Second, I’m planning to join the academe (I’ll do it part time). I have to have a post graduate degree for that. Lastly, who knows, I might be able to set up my own business someday (it’s both a dream & a goal). 

While it’s hard to manage time, I’m enjoying every bit of this back to school experience. I am learning not only from my professors but also from my fellow young professionals as well. It’s always fun to attend classes and share your own experiences too. It’s been almost a month since I started attending classes. Apart from its benefits, there are sacrifices too. For instance, instead of just going to bed after a long day at work, I would still have to read and discuss assignments with my group mates. Before, I can do what I want with my weekends. Now, half of my day is spent attending Saturday morning classes and the other half studying.

But overall, I believe all these sacrifices will pay off. Education is always a good investment. 

Til’ next time! 


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