Holy Week | Baler, Aurora

I always look forward to long weekends and make sure to do something worth while. During the holy week, we went to Baler to unwind and explore the province. We left Friday afternoon and reached our destination around 11:00 PM. We spent the night at AMCO Beach resort. The next morning, we checked out, had breakfast and started our activity for the day. 

Day 1 (Saturday) 

After breakfast, we went to Charlie Does for coffee and board games. Aside from coffee, Charlie Does also offers craft beers and vegetarian meals. They also sell merchandise items such as rash guards, creams etc. Next on our list was to visit Baler’s Hanging Bridge. After spending some time taking pictures, we checked out the stores nearby got Buko Juice (Php 20) and t-shirts (Php 150 each) as souvenirs. 



Then we drove to Baler Museum (Php 30 per person fee, entrance at Dona Aurora Ancestral house included). There’s nothing much to see in the museum but it’s still a nice experience. Just a walking distance from the museum, you would find the ancestral house and baler church. Check out the pictures below.




Before going to our hotel, we dropped by Dialyn’s Bakeshop to try their pastries and bread.


At last, it’s time for our check in at Costa Pacifica. I was really excited for it! Can’t wait to change clothes, take shower and rest. We haven’t had lunch yet but we were still full since we had buffet for breakfast. We decided to rest for a bit and then took surfing lessons afterwards.



The Surfing Experience

I didn’t have plans of taking surfing lessons but because there’s a complimentary lessons from our hotel – I decided to take it, though I’m half hearted. 


Reason why I didn’t want to do surfing? For one, my swimming skill is poor. Second, I panic whenever my feet can’t touch the ground anymore – I would need life vest for it. Third, I don’t like the thought of not being able to stand on the the board, worse, to fall. I’m afraid I might get myself drowned or eaten by waves or something like that. Lastly, I’m practically blind without my glasses or contact lenses on. But (in my opinion) it would be very weird to do surfing with my eyeglasses and would not be comfortable to have my contact lenses on (what if the waves hit my face and I end up losing my contact lenses!) But despite all of these – I gave it a try (mainly because of the free surfing lessons haha!) 

Overall, it was a great and memorable experience. Great because finally, I was able to do something I thought I would never ever have the courage to try. It felt good riding the waves and definitely loved the adrenalin rush and the determination I had when I was trying my very best to stand on the board. Memorable because, well, I almost lost my contact lens. Good thing I was able to “catch” it. 


Post Surfing 

As soon as we finished surfing, I felt super hungry. So we went back to our hotel room and invited my mom to a have an early dinner. Place of choice was Baler Surfer Grill. 


We were so hungry we forgot to take pictures of what we ordered. But just to share what I love about the restaurants in Baler is that meals are very cheap. We ordered 3 rice meals and we only paid about Php 400.00. Not bad at all 🙂 

After having early dinner, we decided to walk around and take pictures. Not too far from our hotel, there were food stalls like that of Banchetto and even though we were still full – we has snacks (mini burgers, buko juice, corn). They were very, very cheap – we can’t resist. 



It’s been a long day for us. We set the alarm 6:00 AM, got ready for bed, lights out by 10:00 PM.

The next day we were so looking forward for breakfast! We actually planned to do a morning swim first but because we were hungry, we decided to eat breakfast first then do swimming afterwards (so we’d burn what we ate, good excuse!haha)

I loved the breakfast buffet at Costa Pacifica. It was so good I didn’t mind taking pictures anymore. I personally loved their crispy bacon and the cheeses! I hardly remember the other stuffs I ate but I would never forget how perfect the bacon was and how heavenly the cheeses are! 


See how satisfied my face was 🙂


And yes, swimming after breakfast and soon after – we had to leave. Still glad to have spent some time off with my loved ones ❤ Til’ our next adventure 



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