Best of La Union


It’s summer time and everybody’s in search of the perfect adventure. There are so many exciting things to do, so many places to explore that it’s almost impossible to do everything in this life time! But what makes summer extra special would be the people you share it with. 

I don’t get to travel with friends that often. Thus, whenever there are trips with friends – I really get super excited. The place of choice was La Union and while everyone chose to take the bus, I decided to bring a car (comfort and flexibility in schedule). Our group left Manila around 2:30 AM. 

First order of business was to have breakfast. For our first meal, we decided to have a Filipino breakfast at Angel and Marie’s (also the place where we are going to stay). I had a bad experience on the very first day. I took a last sip of my cold coffee and found out a rusty thumbtack! Spoke to the owner of the place and to make the long story short and as I don’t want to ruin my mood – the owner allowed us late check out (anytime we would prefer) and did not make us pay for our breakfast. 


After breakfast, we had some free time to fix our stuff. After an hour, we went to the beach and some of us decided to take surfing lessons. As much as I wanted to try it, I don’t have the courage to. I mean, I love the beach but I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable going somewhere farther the shore without a life vest on. Anyway, my friends paid Php 400.00 for an hour of surfing lessons. Not bad 🙂 



Obviously everyone who took the surfing lessons got so hungry! Our group was looking forward to having a great lunch. We decided to eat at San Juan Surf Resort restaurant. We were so excited to eat that no one took decent pictures of the food. After lunch, we went around the place and took some pictures 🙂 






We got the chance to visit El Union (the famous coffee shop in LU). Too bad, I was not able to take pictures of the place. 

For our 2nd day, we decided to go to Tangadan falls. 11 of us joined the adventure and since we’re a large group, we opted to hire a jeepney for Php 1,200.00. It was almost a 30 minute drive then followed by an hour hike. We initially thought it would only be a 20 minute easy walk & climb. Our group didn’t expect it to be that tiring and challenging! On a brighter side, we were able to do 11,000 steps haha! Having said this, instead of hiking back, everyone agreed in hiring a “habal-habal”. We paid Php 150.00 each for the ride and also paid Php 300 each for the tour guide. Here’s are some pictures I took 🙂 




So much for my 1st time in LU! There are still a lot of interesting places to explore. Having said that, I would definitely come back for more 🙂 

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