Rough Roads | An ATV Adventure

Anybody who loves adventure would surely love to experience riding an ATV. What I initially thought would be just another ATV ride turned out to be a lot more exciting! 

Our group left Manila around 6 in the morning and reached our destination (Capas Tarlac) past 10 in the morning. Due to miscommunication between the tour guides & their office’s secretary, they were not able to accommodate us right away. To make the story short, we were able to start the adventure around 3 in the afternoon. 

The tour guides asked us to sign waiver forms and conducted a very short orientation. Rules such as no over speeding, no over taking (the tour guides), no exhibitions must be observed. Shortly after that, we were given our ATV units and started the adventure 🙂 

So what made this ATV experience a lot more exciting compared to my previous ATV rides? Let me name a few reasons:

Speed is one thing, trail is everything. Aside from satisfying your “need for speed,” the ride is more challenging  because of the rocky, uneven, and water -plunging, dusty trail. Be ready to get wet and dirty! 



You’ll get rewarded with great view and scenery ❤




.. and driving as the sun sets is just so lovely 🙂 Plus, it’s a great bonding idea with family, friends, and loved ones 


Capas Tarlac ATV Adventure  Sta. Juliana Capas, Tarlac   0917 571 4357

Price list below 



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