FOO’D Shangri-La BGC

February is a special month not because it’s “the” love month but also because it’s the month my boyfriend & I became really good friends. Since we were not able to celebrate last year (I was out of the country) & because we did not celebrate Valentine’s day, we wanted to make it a bit special. Instead of our usual go-to-date-places, he thought it would be a good idea to try something both of us haven’t yet. He did some research & read great reviews about this new restaurant in town – FOO’D by David Oldani. 

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything grand about this restaurant. I didn’t find the name of the restaurant catchy. I honestly thought it’s just some food stall inside a hotel’s “food court” (was thinking about the food hall in Solaire). I made some research about the place because I got curious who David Oldani is and  found out that he is a Michelin-Star Chef! Pretty impressive, I must say. 

FOO’D serves 3 and 4 course meals. They don’t offer ala carte meals but you may opt to change or “upgrade” certain entrees (but for an additional cost, of course). The 3 course meal will cost you Php 800 while the 4 course meal is priced at Php 1,200. You may pair your meal with a glass of wine which will cost you Php 1,800 a bottle or Php 350 a glass. We both got the 4 course with 1 meal upgrade & a serving of wine. 

Here’s the 4 course meal (Note: I upgraded my “secondi” to Chilean Seabass) 

One of the strong points of the restaurant would be its ambiance. It would give you a very romantic and “chill” vibe. Though people may perceive it as “high end,” it’s not intimidating at all. You can casually just go there and would gladly be assisted by its welcoming staffs. Of course, the service is superb. The staffs are friendly, warm and attentive. What I also liked is that the chefs would actually explain you what the dish being served is and how it should be eaten. The food is just ok (I’d give it 7/10). I loved the Cipolla Caramelata (Caramelized Onion with Gelato & cream). It has a very unique taste – sweet served hot with gelato and just the right amount of saltiness. I also liked the Iberico Pork ribs and Chilean Seabass but didn’t really enjoy the Cacio e Pepe (pasta) and the Lemon Curd dessert. The serving is small and indeed it’s bit pricey. I guess you’d pay for the quality and experience.

But then again, food is just part of the overall experience. I still enjoyed the night! It’s definitely one of the best date nights I had with my love



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