Project Declutter

Early last year, I downloaded and joined “Carousell“,  a web-based & online app used by many to buy and sell a wide variety of products. It’s pretty much like any other  online selling app but what I specially loved about this app is it’s user-friendly  interface. For me, it’s just like using Instagram or Facebook. It’s simple and easy to understand. 

I posted some of my well-loved items last year. There were 2 people who messaged me expressing their interest in purchasing my pre-loved items. I didn’t really take it seriously because at the back of my mind, I thought it would only be a waste of time & effort. I know how tedious it is to sell online. I should know because it’s not my first time doing it. I have been selling brand new items before. The only difference is my market – I only transact with people I personally know. 

One lazy afternoon, as I was browsing through my phone, I saw the Carousell app I previously downloaded. Since I wasn’t busy that day, I replied (take note, after 3 weeks) to one inquiry sent last year – asked if she’s still interested to purchase my item (it was a Pink Nike Shorts). Lo and behold, after few minutes, I got a reply  saying she’s still getting it! I got so excited and motivated! So there, I gave her my bank details, she gave me the shipping address – and boom – I was able to close my very first transaction. After that, I found myself posting more of my pre-loved items. I’m so happy because there’s a lot of people expressing their interest to purchase something from my virtual shop. 

As previously mentioned, online selling is a lot of hard work (pre, during and post selling). There were times I wanted to give up, wanted to tell the customer to stop asking so many questions etc but chose not to – after all, even if it’s tiring – in a way, it gives  me a different kind of fulfillment. Selling is something I know – and I’m sure – I would always enjoy doing. 

Let me focus on the pre-selling period

Before you can start,  you got to have an idea of what to sell. Since I wanted to get rid off my old things, I decided to sell them. Good thing the idea of selling them online got into the picture again because I really don’t have time to hold a garage sale once again. 

Though I was decided to let go of the things I don’t use anymore, de-cluttering may seem so impossible to do because, in a way, I got so attached to some of the items (my favorite ones) to a point that I  would rather keep them than let them go. For some people, de-cluttering can be an over whelming task because they simply don’t know where and how to start.  I got through all these too. But I needed to start somewhere.

I didn’t not do it in one go. I had to set an hour per day to check things on my closet I really don’t use anymore. Before coming up with a decision, I ask myself a very simple “Do I still use it or not?” Answer would either be a YES or a NO…nothing in between. By end of the week, I was able to let go of 40+ clothes, 5 pairs of shoes, some accessories and even an SLR that hasn’t been used for the past 3 years! All these eat up so much space from my  closet… and just realized — having so many things which I really don’t use causes me a lot of stress every-single-day because whenever I look at my closet, I see a lot of clothes but can’t seem to decide which one to wear and I end up using the same set of clothes over and over again (I’m referring to my black dresses, white shorts, black shirt)

Letting go of the things  I really don’t use anymore gave me a different taste of freedom. I plan to do this moving forward it will not only free up my closet but will also be a good opportunity for me to turn it into cash. You may visit my carousell profile here 🙂


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