Wall Climbing

I found myself getting more and more interested with activities that require the use of physical strength. Grehon and I agreed that instead of having the usual date (eating, malling, movies), we’ll try to get more active. Few months back, he started doing yoga with me. We had our very first 2017 adventure last January 3 when we did Paragliding. For the 1st weekend of the year, I asked him if he wanted to try Wall Climbing and he gladly said yes! 

January 7, 2017 

First order of the day, YOGA! We joined the 10:30 AM Hot Yoga Class. It’s a good way of starting our day doing all these stretching and bending. I think it was a good warm up for the afternoon’s activity. 

Our Couple Yoga Pose 😛

Next activity of the day – WALL CLIMBING

Climb Central Philippines is located at Greenfield District in Mandaluyong. It’s actually the largest indoor wall climbing gym in the Philippines.  First Timer rate  is be Php 600.00 inclusive of climbing shoes and harness, unlimited climbs!. We were asked to fill out the registration forms and sign a waiver. Next, the staff took our pictures for their database then we were given a “key chain” with our names on it that will serve as our membership cards. 

After signing up, we were given our climbing shoes and harness, prepped up and had a 15 minutes briefing.


 There are two ways to do the wall climbing. First, you’ll be climbing with a partner pulling the rope (as you climb) and releasing it (as you go down). Signals such as “Climbing” and “Climb On” are necessary with the former as a queue to your partner that you are ready to climb and the latter as a queue from your partner that you may proceed. Then just say  “down” as  a signal to your partner that you want to go down. When your partner says “release,” you have to release your hands, sit down on your harness and kick the wall as your partner releases the rope. In my head, “easy” but not when I actually tried it. Anyway, the second way to do it is to do it alone. You can still do wall climbing even if you don’t have someone to help you with the ropes. Here, you just make sure the harness is fastened onto the “automatic wall climbing tool” (I forgot what it’s called, sorry)  start climbing and release as you please. The tool will do all the work for you. But this, of course, was too much for me. Grehon tried the “automatic” one but I opted to climb with him pulling and releasing the ropes for me. 

Climbing with a partner

So how was my climb? First 30 minutes, I was not able to finish any course. I would always tell Grehon “down” even if I’m just on the middle of my climb. I just can’t take the heights! He would tell “Go, kaya mo yan! Tapusin mo hanggang dulo” but iI would respond “ayoko na nga, down!” It’s frustrating knowing I’m still not able to reach the peak of any course no matter how easy the “trail” is. Then we saw a “shorter wall“which I think is for kids! He told me to try it so I can, at least, finish something. I was a bit hesitant at first thinking that people might judge me and laugh at me but did it anyway! Finally, I finished something! After some time and all the warm ups, I finally had the courage to just do it! I learned the drill! Never look down! I was able to to do it! I was able to finish the regular climb! I was so happy. Grehon and I were talking turns but after sometime he got tired and his grip somewhat got weaker and I end up  being the stronger one! There was this course he can’t finish and always end up asking me “san ka ba humahawak, wala ako mahawakan sa taas”  I think he did try finishing that course for about 5 times and he did it to the top once!  

We enjoyed it a lot that we almost didn’t notice we were doing it already for 2 full hours.  Also not much pictures because we were so into it. We just did photo-ops during the last 15 minutes of our stay haha. We also tried the course with no harness. It’s a lot shorter but a lot more difficult to do. We were told that it’s for “advanced” climbers. But we just gave it a try. 

Btw, here are some of my realisations after my 1st ever wall climb experience: 

  1. It isn’t easy as it looks. Grehon told me that I should be strong enough to carry my own weight. I didn’t listen to him but he’s right. I certainly felt my own weight pulling me down.
  2.  You need to have strategy.  Maybe this is the reason why my initial attempts weren’t successfully. I realized looking down (checking how farther I got) will not work. I lose my focus and concentration because fear kicks in. Over analyzing the climb won’t help either. Climbing too slow will make you feel more tired (it’s the case for me) and climbing too fast will make you less stable. After getting the hang of it, I finally got the right pace. Yey! 

    Our favourite lane – because of it’s named “Cheese”  (we love cheese) and it’s creator, Puss (our term of endearment)
  3. It will hurt your hands. I didn’t mind pulling and releasing the rope but after sometime I noticed my hands sore and got some callouses. Next time, I’d be more considerate with my hands. Wearing gloves or putting some more chalk/powder onto my hands specially when I climb. But never mind the wounds and callouses I got. It was fun!

There you have it! We are definitely doing this again! We are planning on getting the 5 day pass which would be a lot cheaper compared to the drop in rate (Php 550 for non – first timers). The 5 days pass is valid until 6 months from purchase date. Click here for other packages 

Here’s to more climbing adventures with you

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