Last Part | Hong Kong Adventure

This will be the last part of my Hong Kong adventure. And what would be a nice thing to do in HK (aside from shopping)? Disnesyland, of course. 

December 27, 2016 

It was my first time and was so excited for the parades and fireworks. It’s my mom’s second time here but she didn’t mind going again.

We took the MTR once again and alight Disneyland Station. Entrance fee HK$ 589 (roughly PHP 4,000). Mom and I spent the day strolling the park, dropping by the souvenir shops, trying few rides. Here are some pictures.

Then there was a parade in the afternoon. That’s where you’d get to meet some of the Disney characters in action. My personal favourite was of course the Disney Princesses. Some pictures below 🙂 

They also had a night parade (light show, i guess). The lights were simply stunning. Take a look! ❤ 

And of course, highlight would be the fireworks show

Here are my favourite pictures from our Disneyland trip 

That concludes our Disneyland Adventure.

Our last day, December 28, was our shopping day. We went to Citigate Outlet Mall. There you will find Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Furla. Addidas, Nike, New Balance, Armani, Max Mara etc Outlet stores. The prices were at almost 50% off but I still find it expensive compared to Taiwan. It’s funny because I was not able to get a single thing considering it’s our shopping day. Thus, we decided to just head back to Mongkok, had dinner and finally got something again from H&M. We went back at our note around 9:00 PM and had an early rest because we need to catch an early flight the next day. Here are some pictures I took from City Gate Mall and Mongkok 

This sums up our Hong Kong Christmas Vacation. Total spendings of Day 3 and 4 would be 2,728 HKD (roughly 18,500 PHP) 

  • MTR (2 people) for 2 days – Around 150 HKD
  • Disneyland (for 2 people) – 1,178 HKD
  • Lunch, Snacks and Dinner at Disneyland – Around 350 HKD 
  • Souvenir from Disneyland  – 250 HKD
  • Shopping (Day 4) – 500 HKD 
  • Lunch and Dinner (Day 4) – 300 HKD 


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