Part 2 | Hong Kong Adventure

This is the continuation of our Hong Kong vacation. 

December 26, 2016 – Hollywood Road, Upper Lascar Road, Central Street and Mongkok 

My mom and I woke up around 9:00 AM, had breakfast, took a bath then leave. We started our day 2 adventure around 11:00 AM and reached our destination around 12:00 NN. We decided to have lunch first before going on. 

Our 1st stop was Hollywood Road. I’ve read a lot of good things about this place and didn’t disappoint me! It’s full of charm, vibrant and full of character. What I particularly love about Hollywood Road is it’s murals and chic shops. I guess this was the highlight of my Hong Kong Trip. Just see the pictures below and get charmed by it’s one-of-a-kind beauty. 

Just walk towards the end of Hollywood road and you’ll see Upper Lascar Road. This is where you will find all sorts of antique items and other Chinese charms perfect as souvenirs. My mom got a tea set for 20 HKD (that’s 120 PHP) from this very old lady vendor. But not everything here is cheap. I found some really nice trinkets but was not willing to pay 300 – 500 HKD (I’m good with window shopping hehe) 

Next stop is supposedly Victoria Peak. The tram station is already a walking distance from the opposite end of the Hollywood Road. I wanted to go there because of the view. But the lines were crazy and we wouldn’t want to waste our time waiting. I told my mom not to go there anymore (she’s been there already anyway and d I’ve also experienced riding a tram in Brazil) so we decided to just check out Central Street.  I was not able to take pictures here because I was into doing window – shopping –  turned – actual shopping, can’t help it… Zara was on 50% off sale. I got few pieces from Zara and Mark’s and Spencer. After some shopping activity, we headed back to our hotel, rest for a bit and went out again for some shopping action at Mongkok. Again, was not able to take pictures because H&M was, also, on sale. But here is my favourite “Mongkok” picture… this is me and my mom eating Hong Kong egglettes! Yum!!! ❤ 


So there you have it. This sums up our pretty tiring Day 2 adventure. I’d be posting the last part soon ❤

By the way, here’s the summary of our Day 2 Expenses: 

Total Day 2 Spendings: 2,030 HKD (approx 13,800 PHP) 

  • MTR (for 2 people) – Around 80 HKD
  • Lunch at the Pizza Place – 100 HKD
  • Tea Set – 20 HKD 
  • Coffee at Upper Lascar  – 70 HKD
  • Shopping – 1,600 HKD (around 11,000 PHP) 
  • Dinner at Mongkok – 100 HKD 
  • Egglettes for 2  – 60 HKD

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