Baguio | Old Diplomat Hotel & Casa Vallejo

Here’s the highlights of our second day in Baguio. 

Old Diplomat Hotel is an abandoned hotel located atop Dominical Hill. The place is used to be the vacation house of Dominican nuns and friars but was later on invaded by the Japanese forces during WWII and turned it into their headquarters. It was in the year 1973 when the property was acquired by Diplomat Hotels, Inc. and turned it into a hotel. In 1987, the hotel ceased it’s operation and since then abandoned. 

Old Diplomat Hotel is a 15 minutes taxi ride from the city proper. Entrance is for free. Actually, there’s nothing much to do here but to take pictures. Even so, we stayed for more than an hour trying to the best pictures (haha!)

We took a short trip to Burnham Park afterwards and decided to experience riding a boatWe’re still early for our next adventure thus decided to go to SM Baguio just check out the place (we didn’t have lunch here! we are saving our stomach for something really nice)


Next Stop is Casa Vallejo. This is actually the oldest hotel in Baguio City. It has a fine dining restaurant (Hill Station) a bookstore (Mt. Cloud Bookshop), a shop that sells equipment, apparel etc for all sorts of outdoor activities (Lagalag), and a “mini cinema” (Cinematheque).

We’re getting hungry (it’s almost 3 PM!) From SM Baguio, we headed north on Upper Session Rd toward Session Rd. We arrived at our destination (Hill Station) after a 10 minutes walk. The restaurant is famous for a number of reasonsbeing one of the best in Baguio, perfect ambiance, and mouthwatering food selections – to name a few. We ordered Baked Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Hill Station Green Garden (this is super yummy), Paella and Baby Back Ribs. Their Paella is just ok, there’s really nothing special with it while the baby back ribs is bit different. Baby back ribs for me is barbecue sauce but Hill’s station’s version (I tasted it) has curry. Here are some of the pictures we took! ❤ 

There’s always room for coffee and dessert. We got a cup of Americano and Christmas cake while waiting for the movie to start. Yes! a movie house beside the restaurant 🙂 The mini movie house is called Cinematheque. They have two movie schedules per day – first show at 3:30 PM and last show at 5:30 PM – and is showing Indie Films. We got the 5:30 slot and got to watch “Toto” a movie being starred by Sid Lucero (btw, movie ticket prices at P150.00 each, they don’t allow advance booking. You can only get the ticket 30 minutes before the show)  It was quite a wonderful experience watching a movie at Cinematheque – not to mention we were only 8 people watching (it’s like a private screening).

I almost forgot we also dropped by Mt. Cloud Bookshop. The bookstore houses a number of interesting book collections –  mostly written by Filipino authors. Some pictures below 🙂 

There you go 🙂 Hope you’ll get to visit these places too if you’re planning a trip to Baguio soon. Ciao ❤ 



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