Baguio | Cafe by the Ruins and Ben Cab

This trip is a birthday treat for myself. I’ve always wanted to go back to enjoy the cool weather of the city, eat as much strawberries I can, and to just relax and unwind.

We took the Victory Liner Bus. I was actually hoping to try their “First Class Bus” but too bad there were no First Class Trips available on my preferred schedule. (Tip: Book your trip Online. You don’t want to be included in the chance passenger list) 

We left Manila around 2:00 AM. I thought travel time will be at least 6 hours. I was surprised when we arrived in Victory Liner Baguio Terminal at 6:00 AM. This means we are 2 hours ahead of schedule (based on the itinerary I prepared).  So let’s start from here:

Cafe by the Ruins. Before anything else…Breakfast (I’m a breakfast lover <3) 
The place is actually a walking distance (perhaps 15 minutes walk) from bus station. We opted to take a cab (I’m not ready to do the walking yet hehe). The place is still closed when we arrived (still a good thing we’re early. They say lines can get crazy). They open at 7:00 AM.  


Since we are early, we’re able to secure ourselves a good spot. I love the ambiance of this place. It’s peaceful & very homey. Looking at the menu, I wanted to order basically everything. But my travel buddy reminded me of our budget (which, by the way, I dictated). So ok – we ordered the set meal – Beef Tapa for the lady and Longganisa for the Gentleman. Rice meals are served with a cup of coffee & fresh fruits (which is already a good deal). We paid Php 760.00 (still within the budget of Php 800.00).


BenCab Museum...of course

My travel buddy wanted to have a walk first (He’s so full. He ate 1/4 of my meal too!). He thought of taking the “jeep” instead of hailing a cab. I was in a good mood (thanks to my hearty breakfast) so I agreed. We had to walk for 5 minutes to get to the Jeepney Terminal. Each of us paid Php 11.00 🙂 It was a 15 minute drive. The driver dropped us few meters from the museum then took another 3 minute walk (I’m not complaining. I loved the weather and I’m really in a mood for a “good walk”)

We were too early (once again). The gallery opens at 9:00 AM. Entrance fee is Php 120.00 per person. We were early thus we didn’t have to line up. The receptionist and staff are friendly and courteous. The place is quite spacious and well-mainted. They have a room for each type of art (like a room for erotica paintings, contemporary arts, sculptures etc.). I enjoyed the view from the veranda!  

Here are some pictures taken inside the gallery (they are very instagram-able hehe)




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